Scroller Shooter Creator

Scroller Game Creator is a tool that enables you to create scroller-type games without any programming knowledge. The program is a full game creator, it handles all game elements that are required, and it produces the final executable. You don't need to install any special programs, you don't need to learn difficult scripting languages or spend hours learning the basic functions.

The editor is very simple and straightforward, but powerful as well, so you can start building your game just after downloading the program. You can create shoot 'em up games, maze games, puzzles or even adventure games.

If you are planning to create more than just a basic scroller shooter, the built-in trigger system will enable you to create complex games by setting up basic conditions on the game field. The onboard screen graphics (HUD) is also fully customizable. You can use animated images as well for the different game elements.

Scroller Game Creator is designed to be simple and user friendly, while advanced features in the editor can be used to make your game more professional and unique.

Have fun!


Main features
- Standard image formats: BMP, PNG, JPEG, GIF
- Animated images (GIF)
- Supported sound formats: WAV, MP3
- Trigger system
- Customizable HUD
- Full WYSIWYG Editor

Wysiwyg Level Editor

Resource Managers
- Image Manager / Image Animator
- Audio Manager
- Player Manager

Advanced settings
- Object Factory
- Visual Settings
- Game Settings

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